3 Guys Radio! 5-29-16

As we continue our journey through Matt 11, we are brought face to face with all sorts of issues that need our attention. What was going on for John the Baptist while he was in prison, awaiting execution, what was going through the minds of all those folks who were hanging on Jesus’ every word. How did Jesus address John? What did Jesus show us about the kingdom?… Read More

3 Guys Radio! 5-22-16

We come now to the apex of the instruction Jesus was giving the 12 before sending them out on their own, for the first time. The point Jesus is making is that all the things in life that often seem most dear to us, even to the very core of our being, must become subordinate to our walk with him. Of all our loves, we are more devoted to him.… Read More

3 Guys Radio! 5-15-16

Wow! Talk about having it all. This 3 Guys and a Mic has it all, or almost all of it. As we look at Matt 10, we begin to realize what it is that often prompts the church to try to “soft sell” the cost of discipleship. We talk about what the church needs to be saying to believers about the strongholds in their lives.… Read More

3 Guys Radio! 5-8-16

And so our continuing look at Matt 10 now begins to encompass not only cultural resistance to the gospel, but to the clash of the two kingdoms, the Kingdom of God and the kingdom of darkness or evil, as well. There is a stirring of the Holy Spirit in the church, as there was among the Jews of Israel in Jesus’ day.… Read More

3 Guys Radio! 5-1-16

What’s the difference between the prophetic and the mystical? Maybe more to the point, what’s the difference between those moments when we don’t have to worry about what we’ll say or when we’ll say it, with the assurance that the Spirit of our Father will be speaking through us and the magical thinking to which much of the church clings? These are hard questions and it’s important that we find right answers and come to right conclusions about them.… Read More

3 Guys Radio! 4-24-16

Every now and then, someone writes a book about what happens when bad stuff happens to good people. They are all an attempt to bring some sort of sense to things that seem to make no sense. When Jesus commissioned the 12 to go do what he was doing, he didn’t try to explain everything that was going to befall the 12; he just assured them those things would surely happen.… Read More

3 Guys Radio! 4-17-16

Tonight, we continue to explore the instructions that Jesus gave to the 12, about how to walk in authority and power, as they ministered the kingdom of heaven throughout the towns and villages of Israel. THERE WAS RISK INVOLVED; RISK OF FAILURE. How many times do we forego opportunity because we are afraid of failing? It is that risk of failure that keeps us on the cutting edge of expressing our faith.… Read More

3 Guys Radio! 4-10-16

Tonight, we take a long, hard look at the compassion of Jesus, as noted at the end of Matt 9. We look for the differences between what it means to sympathize with a person and what it means to express compassion toward them, as a response to their situation and what’s going on in their life. We also take up the issue of authority, as invested in the 12 in Matt 10, what that looks like, what has to happen for us to receive authority, and then how we go about learning to wield that authority in our culture and our world.… Read More

3 Guys Radio! :)… 4-3-16

Wow! This is a first for the 3 Guys program. After nearly a year, we’ve finally been able to branch out and try a call-in format, for the first time, although using call-in has always been a part of the 3 Guys vision for ministry. Tonight, we spent some time looking at Matt 9, spent good times with friends in answering issues that had arisen for them and got an exciting update from George Runyan on his most recent ministry trip to Cuba.… Read More

3 Guys Radio! 3-20-16

We’ve been taking a look, over the past few weeks, at what Jesus had to say to the 7 churches of Asia, in Revelation 2 and 3. Tonight’s show takes a look at the church in Laodicea and what all was going on there. This was a church under the influence of a powerful delusion; the delusion that just because everything was going well and they were more than prosperous and, oddly enough, really had no pressing need of anything from God, or so they thought, that they were experiencing God’s extravagant and abundant blessing.… Read More