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Joseph Vanderbilt Jr became a Christian in September of 2008.  Just weeks after his salvation the Lord honored Joseph’s business desires, and he became a the owner of Advanced Air & Vacuum along with his father, and two sisters.  Shortly after engaging in the business as an owner Joseph felt that the Lord was calling him in to full time ministry at some point in the future.

He soon started attending a church in El Cajon just blocks away from his business, Foothills Christian Church. He engaged in the fellowship as often as he could.  He was at church or a church gathering typically 2-4 times a week as well as getting discipled by Chuck Hicks. After 14 months serving faithfully at the church, Joseph and his wife answered the Lords call to help plant a sister church of Foothills, called The Grove Church.  He and his family remained serving there till the church was well established and grew to approximately 200+ people in the Mission Valley area, then returned to fellowship with Foothills Christian Church.

In 2011 the Lord gave Joseph a great burden for unity in the body of Christ.   In the fall he approached his pastors and got their blessing to start going church to church meeting the leadership and inviting them to prayer together, for the community, churches, ministries, and people. He has been meeting every week for 2 1/2 years with up to 10 different churches. The churches now work together and minister to each other’s needs, as well as meet the needs of the community as a body.

Joseph meets personally with these individuals multiple times per month and is intentionally drawing off their experience, knowledge, wisdom, and not only is Joseph being held accountable and absorbing the information but also being exposed to their “practices” live, whether it is sitting in on a classes being taught, seminars, workshops, or live counseling with clients. Joseph recognizes these men as spiritual fathers and views the times that he has with these men as priceless and attributes his growth to having this available to him. He is forever grateful for these mighty men of God that he has been blessed with.  Below are some of the men God has put in Joseph’s life to sharpen him.

-George Runyon:  Pastor Runyan has been involved with planting eleven churches nationally and internationally. He is Founder and Director of City Church Ministries, networking with hundreds of pastors and civic leaders throughout the San Diego region. a “pastor of pastors”, he has had a call to minister to the region of San Diego county. He plays a big role encouraging and counseling local pastors and church/ministry leaders. He teaches the bible comprehensively and specializes in the areas of healing and the Holy Spirit. He was an originator for the healing rooms that were started many years ago and are now spread throughout the San Diego region at many different churches. He travels and encourages the body ministering at many different churches, some are Sonrise, Foothills Christian Church, and The Rock Church. Check out more on his website www.sdccm.org

-Mark Hoffman: Pastor Mark is a senior pastor at Foothills Christian Church in El Cajon, visit www.foothillschurch.org . He is the visionary to the brilliant youth mission called Youth Venture, to which there are currently 5 locations in East County, through these “teen centers”, thousands of pre-teens and teens are getting ministered to weekly, for more on Youth Venture visit www.yvcenters.org . Mark has also started some 20+ Christian clubs on public school campuses across East County San Diego, they are known as Higher Ground and Sonshine Clubs.

-Nathan Daniels: Pastor Nathan specializes and counsels many church leaders and Christians through his very effective ministry called Freedom Through Forgiveness Ministry, which is located in the serene setting of Descanso on a ranch dedicated to The Lord’s work. He has been used mightily in the area of deliverance and aids in helping people walk in the freedom of the Holy Spirit. For more information visit www.ftfmin.org .

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