3 Guys Radio! 4-17-16

Tonight, we continue to explore the instructions that Jesus gave to the 12, about how to walk in authority and power, as they ministered the kingdom of heaven throughout the towns and villages of Israel. THERE WAS RISK INVOLVED; RISK OF FAILURE. How many times do we forego opportunity because we are afraid of failing? It is that risk of failure that keeps us on the cutting edge of expressing our faith. As George pointed out last night, faith is spelled “r-I-s-k.” That’s the situation in which the apostles found themselves, as Jesus continued with his commissioning them for ministry. They were to be utterly dependent on God, instead of their own cleverness or resources; they were to express unquestioning obedience and they were deal with rejection within its proper context; that is, rejection was not about them, but a rejection of the one who sent them.

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