3 Guys Radio! :)… 4-3-16

Wow! This is a first for the 3 Guys program. After nearly a year, we’ve finally been able to branch out and try a call-in format, for the first time, although using call-in has always been a part of the 3 Guys vision for ministry. Tonight, we spent some time looking at Matt 9, spent good times with friends in answering issues that had arisen for them and got an exciting update from George Runyan on his most recent ministry trip to Cuba. One of the best outcomes of this show was to discover how to make it better the next time. One contributor noted that, out of all the shows we’ve done, this one seemed warmer and more real and more genuine. Maybe because we were, yet once again, flying by the seat of our collective and respective pants. Join us again as we continue this foray into the unknown, frustrated by our insufficiencies but buoyed up by the all-sufficiency of our King.

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