3 Guys Radio! 5-15-16

Wow! Talk about having it all. This 3 Guys and a Mic has it all, or almost all of it. As we look at Matt 10, we begin to realize what it is that often prompts the church to try to “soft sell” the cost of discipleship. We talk about what the church needs to be saying to believers about the strongholds in their lives. And we talk about how to live the life empowered by and infilled with the Holy Spirit. We talk about how what some believers castigate as throwing our intellects into neutral is a false indictment and what is actually happening is that God is in the process of redeeming our intellects altogether. As if that’s not enough, my younger granddaughter, Elsie Belle Joy, makes her radio debut by wishing her Papa a happy happy, which is 2 yr old for Happy Birthday. Join us for an exciting and thought provoking discussion on tonight’s 3 Guys and a Mic.

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