Words to live by… 5-15-16

One of the single most important lessons we can learn, in all of life, is that when the devil has done all that he can do, in opposing us, he’s actually done all that he can do. He has nothing left, nothing up his sleeve, nothing in his pocket, nothing. This is important because when the Kingdom of God comes forth in power, there will be that clash of light and darkness, resulting in turmoil and upheaval throughout society. Perhaps the most significant turmoil will roil the family itself. Yet Jesus urges us to not be afraid; he reminds us of our enormous worth and value to God; and he details for us, in no uncertain terms what is expected of us when we decide to follow Jesus. Since the servant is not greater than the master, nor the student greater than the teacher, if our Jesus has taken up his cross, along a road that moves in only one direction and ends in only one place, then our fellowship with him requires us to take up the same cross, follow the same road, toward the same end.

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