Words to live by… 5-22-16

Well, the words of Jesus ring true once again. How different from churches today. There is a thought that if we can just “get ’em saved,” then keep them in church services, folks will pick up, by osmosis, what it takes to be a disciple and to learn other stuff. Not so with Jesus. He laid it all out there. The costs. The rewards. It’s all there. And then what? He invites us to choose to follow him. There is a higher calling for those who dare. The high call of God in Christ Jesus. Not all of us will choose that road. What makes us worthy (Jesus’ word, not mine) to follow him? Love him in a higher, more excellent way than our dearest relationships. Voluntarily taking up our cross to follow him. Losing our lives, for his sake, so that we may find our real lives and our truest selves. In this study, Jesus speaks to the costs, our rewards, and most tenderly of all, to our doubts and fears. We can pretend they don’t exist, or we can bring them to him, by faith, and receive his assurance.

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