3 Guys Radio! 5-22-16

We come now to the apex of the instruction Jesus was giving the 12 before sending them out on their own, for the first time. The point Jesus is making is that all the things in life that often seem most dear to us, even to the very core of our being, must become subordinate to our walk with him. Of all our loves, we are more devoted to him. Of all our ambitions, dreams, and desires, we are more devoted to him. Failing that devotion, even when we do our best to hold on to all that we hold dear in life, we’ll lose it. Only when we lay down our lives, for his sake, are we, at last, able to find our real lives and our truest selves. Jesus also engages in one of the most tender and gentle moments in all of Scripture, as we move into Matt 11. John the Baptist is to be executed at any moment. In that prison, in his heart, he has to ask, “Are you the One? Really?” Jesus is not offended or wounded; he does not correct or repudiate. He just says, “Tell John what you’ve seen and heard. Wow.

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