Words to Live by… 5-1-16

There is, of course, the way the world looks when the Good Shepherd manages his flock. And then, when the thief sets his hand to manage the flock, the differences are readily apparent. What does the world look like when the god of the power of the air/god of this world is in charge? That’s what Jesus is highlighting in Matt 10. Families at odds with each other. Siblings killing siblings; parents killing children. When all is said and done, the god of this world is a pretty lousy god after all. And yet, how quickly we accuse our Father of not caring, when catastrophe strikes. How odd we would do that, particularly since it was we, ourselves, who loosed the god of this world, in the first place. It all starts back with the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, and this notion that we could be our own god. Join Words today as we look at how stark the differences between our Good Shepherd and the thief who comes only to kill and steal and destroy.

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