Words to Live By… 3-13-16

How would you like to walk through all eternity being known as the church that made Jesus sick at his stomach? Yeah. Me, neither. How in the world does a church get to that point? It’s easy, I suppose. You learn to accommodate all the influences around you that seek your acceptance. The church in Laodicea had learned to accommodate the wealth and power and influence of their world around them, never realizing the insidious encroachment of being lukewarm that was creeping in upon them. They believed themselves blessed, since they seemed, indeed, blessed on the outside. Have you noticed how many Christians today figure God has blessed their lives, because they’ve made money and live comfortable lives? We can make ourselves believe all sorts of things, when we’ve become blind to reality that surrounds us. Yet, even more important than how they got there is the issue of how they get out of that mess. Interestingly enough, Jesus has the answer to that question and that dilemma.

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