3 Guys Radio! 3-13-16

Well, okay. We did our best to wrap things up with the church at Philadelphia and then move on to Laodicea, but we just never got there. Too much to look at in Philadelphia, particularly regarding what sorts of things are going on in the church today. There are two things about Jesus’ message to Philadelphia of which we must make note. First, regardless of whether we have a little power or no power, for that matter, it is the Lord Jesus who opens the door that no one can shut. His will simply cannot be thwarted. Secondly, for those who have kept his word of perseverance; for those of us who’ve learned to wait on the Lord until he is ready to open the door that no one can shut, there is reward and victory at the end of the process. Thirdly (okay, I said “two things,” but I meant 3 things) the fact that there is opposition does NOT necessarily signal a closed door. It simply signals opposition to the open door.

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