Words to Live By… 3-20-16

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We’ve spent a lot of time taking our look at the 7 churches of Asia; at the relationship between the bride and the Bridegroom, Jesus. Today’s look at the 7 churches is our last, in this study. We conclude with a summary of what’s going on in those churches, as well as what sort of approach the enemy takes when trying to thwart the effectiveness of the church, blunting its thrust through the smoke and mirrors of our culture and driving us underground with fear and intimidation.… Read More

Words to Live By… 3-13-16

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How would you like to walk through all eternity being known as the church that made Jesus sick at his stomach? Yeah. Me, neither. How in the world does a church get to that point? It’s easy, I suppose. You learn to accommodate all the influences around you that seek your acceptance. The church in Laodicea had learned to accommodate the wealth and power and influence of their world around them, never realizing the insidious encroachment of being lukewarm that was creeping in upon them.… Read More

Words to Live By But Not Next Door To_Mar 6_16

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Life was tough and getting tougher for the church in Philadelphia. I think one of the most interesting aspects of this whole story is that they weren’t known for being a church of extraordinary faith; rather that they believed and kept the word of Jesus and had not denied his name. Because of that aspect of their faith walk, Jesus says that he, himself, has opened a door for them, laying an empire at their feet.… Read More