Words to Live By But Not Next Door To_Mar 6_16

Life was tough and getting tougher for the church in Philadelphia. I think one of the most interesting aspects of this whole story is that they weren’t known for being a church of extraordinary faith; rather that they believed and kept the word of Jesus and had not denied his name. Because of that aspect of their faith walk, Jesus says that he, himself, has opened a door for them, laying an empire at their feet. A door that no one can shut. Here’ s one of the things with which we come away when considering this church. When Jesus says that when he opens a door, it cannot be shut and when he shuts a door, it cannot be opened, he is reminding us, in a very emphatic way, that God’s will cannot be thwarted. Now, it’s true that opposition arose, but that does not necessarily signal that a door is closed; only that opposition to that door being opened has surfaced. As we get ready for our soon coming king, we need to pay close attention to what he said to the church in Philadelphia.

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