Words to live by… 4-24-16

And so we continue to look at the marching orders given by Jesus to those first 12 who were being sent out. A couple of things come to mind. First, the same power and authority Jesus invested in the other guys, he invested in Judas Iscariot as well. Secondly, he gave them ministry territory equal to their capacity to face and successfully manage the challenges that would confront them. He is in the process of normalizing all sorts of things for them, so that they would be able to appropriately not only count the costs of discipleship and ministry, but also correctly weigh the attendant benefits, a sort of spiritual cost/benefit analysis. Yes, there would be costs but those costs are, in no way, commensurate with the benefits they accrue. So, in today’s study, Jesus makes them aware of the benefits that accrue to them, as they learn to walk in unquestioning obedience. That’s how they manage their role as sheep among wolves. They can do that because of whom their shepherd is.

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