Randall Torres

Randall Torres attended Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary 92-95 where he earned a Master of Arts in counseling psychology.  In 1995 Randall came to San Diego after being accepted into a doctoral program at Alliant International University.  He completed the program after earning his doctorate in clinical psychology in 2004.

Randall has enjoyed growing in grace with Mountain View Bible since its inception.  He has also been working for the past 15 years in clinical research with folks who are mentally ill.  Randall and Heidi began a non-profit in 2006 called Compassionate Ministries, www.cmpps.org, which is largely focused on serving the poor and mentally disabled.  Compassionate Ministries HELPS (aka: Luke’s House) is a men’s home that was named after Randall’s first son Luke.  He has two sons Luke (12) and Dylan (9).   Randall does very much enjoy helping disabled men live a better quality of life, especially “In Christ.”

Randall gets excited about community outreaches, men getting together to pray, and helping those in need.  He loves networking with other local churches and emphasizing unity among genuine brothers who are diverse in order to effectively reach the lost with the gospel.   Therefore, his role on the Board of Directors for Behold Ministries is a good fit orchestrated by God the Holy Spirit!